10 Best use cases to Automate using RPA in 2021

10 Best use cases to Automate using RPA in 2021
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As the world moves forward to using a variety of technologies, automation improves the way to work easier. Modern RPA tools are very powerful and can be used by non-programmers to develop software robots capable of automating almost any computer process additionally performed by human beings. Humans can use a flowchart-based tool to create software robots that can capture, interpret and execute tedious office work. Using existing system(ie. no new IT development & Testing)

What is RPA?

Robot Process Automation is a technology that allows computer programs or robots to replicate otherwise manual processes done by humans. In an automated, repeatable reliably. Just human robots can open email, attachments, login applications, read Databases, collect data, follow in decisions, filling forms and perform calculations. RPA solutions allow organizations to do more with less, Minimizing risk increases visibility order trails. Robots perform three times faster than human workers. In the workplace, RPA is used to automate labor-intensive day to day processes. Freeing up high value in place time activities such as problem solving, Exception handling and troubleshooting. Real Life examples: Invoice management, reporting, payment processing, reconciliation. 

Software robots are coming in two classifications unattended/Autonomous and attended/Assistive

Software robots are also used for Data migration, extracting, reporting, etc. Work getting done 24/7, No holidays, mistakes, or bad days.

Customer Service:

Call centers have the labor-intensive, complex infrastructure and are difficult to staff. Customer satisfaction often depends upon their call-center experience. In this case, customers need to reset passwords. After waiting on hold, a person answers the call and follows up with an email.

A typical  customer service  desk operation of a small business

  • 5 number of service desk agents,
  • 25 average number of calls per day
  • 20 the average time spent per call in minutes.

The service desk agent receives a call and he login to the portal and verifies the customer and responds to the customer or vendor. This process may take 15 to 20 minutes to respond to a call. For a normal/ average/midsize company  3 to 5 agents are busy all day responding to calls. That consumes a lot of time.

  • RPA Enabled future State:
  • Bots run 24×7 (365 days)
  • Time and Cost savings
  • Improved customer experience
  • Less error phone, no human element

Automating manual, repetitive tasks reduces workload, improves business productivity and delivers a superior customer experience. Chatbot technology combined with RPA in the call center can dramatically increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Chatbot uses natural languages to interact with customers.

Invoice Processing:  

The entire invoice process automation is summarized in five major steps.  

  • Extracting Invoice: RPA can extract the copies of invoices from email, workflows, fanatical folders, etc.  
  • Reading Invoices: Once the invoices are extracted, the mechanism can browse the precise fields within the Invoices that require to be updated within the ERP.  
  • Verification of Invoices: RPA can verify the invoice details, just like the company code, provider range, VAT etc. Verification is finished with the information and if verification passes it moves to the subsequent step. 
  • Inputting Invoice details in ERP SAP: RPA mechanism can open the ERP and key all told the fields that require to be stuffed. It is in SAP, Oracle, or no matter ERP your company uses.  
  • Confirmation: the confirmation is over email for every invoice or a consolidated email for all the postings. If you need a report with all the posting details in surpassing etc. It is done. It is extremely customizable, but the organization desires it. The complete invoice process is machine-driven exploitation robotic method automation. In the higher case, once step three if the Verification fails, either large is organized to skip that invoice associate degree move to subsequent or inform the accountable person right away to envision what action has to be compelled to be taken next or perhaps challenge an invoice to the seller. 

Sales Orders

The automated process of adding sale orders in the sales book

The creation of a purchase order in an ERP system from a quotation is a very common process that occurs in almost every enterprise. Then the flow data manually entered into the enterprise purchase order generation system.

RPA new quote documents are immediately downloaded from incoming emails. These new quotes are then uploaded for processing. RPA extracts the data on the quotes into the structured CSV format. RPA can then log in to the ERP system, in this case, SAP, and use the formatted data to enter in all of the required information for the purchase order without human intervention.

Desired labels and value pairs are mapped on the training documents and extraction layout that can be processed. After the learning instance is set to production. RPA is now ready to process files. The next step involves building the task bot which executes all the automation functions like downloading the attachment quotes, sending documents to the bot and entering data into SAP. The bot looks in an email folder containing email with quotation files attached. The quotes are automatically downloaded to the file system. The task bot uploads the downloaded files to Bot.  Returns the new quote data in CSV formats. The task bot logs into SAP and goes to the create new purchase order page the task bot enters in the necessary information about the purchase using the data extracted by the Bot. The purchase orders have now been generated and are ready for approval. Automating everyday business processes like purchase order entry and creation greatly increases the efficiency of human resources and accelerates the procurement process, saving time and money with drastically reduced human errors.


Working in payroll is complicated, exigent and as technology and worker expectations modification, therefore will the payroll task list. Payroll is additionally one among the foremost versatile departments once it involves adapting to alter. As a profession, you’re often challenged to grasp and implement new legislation at intervals deadlines and to gift it in pregnant ways to workers and business stakeholders. The analytical and communication skills utilized in this method square measure – and can still be – valuable, providing a ‘human’ bit in an exceeding world of accelerating automation and AI. Because the task list grows, you’ll more and more intercommunicate automation for information entry and computation, to unleash time for you to deliver higher worth tasks.

RPA is non-invasive technology.

Payroll code is significant for information capture, calculations and reports. Your groups believe it to assist pay folks. It contains a wealth of {information} that with the correct facilitation will output information that employees’ worth. Any modification to the code will cause disruption and infrequently comes with a substantial tag. Except for RPA to figure, no modification is needed from your existing systems, which ends up in significant saving potentials.

RPA will seamlessly integrate with your existing payroll systems.

RPA will work with no reliance on your existing code or systems. This implies it is often developed and adjusted with ease. So, if you wish to feature or amend the associate degree automation method, you’ll be able to quickly and quickly. 

RPA works dead with the business expectation of accuracy and promptness 

Payroll is understood for paying folks accurately and on time, however occasionally, even the foremost conscientious and driven workers will build mistakes. RPA will facilitate your groups meet deadlines, while not the long extradatagraphic.co.uk/epay twenty-one hours worked. It suggests that the correct result, call or calculation is formed each time. 

RPA completes payroll tasks in minutes Tasks, like record distribution, that antecedently took your groups hours to complete will currently take seconds or minutes to complete by victimization RPA technology. So, you’ve got longer to concentrate on new things and analyze worker information to supply insight into different business areas like finance and HR—all while not having to fret concerning finishing the repetitive, body payroll tasks. 

RPA may be an affordable, high-outcome answer 

Not solely can automation technology assist you to become additional productive and economical, RPA may be an affordable, high-outcome answer. There are square measure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on the market that seamlessly integrate with your systems and maybe board weeks, therefore there’s no would like for unquiet or prolonged modification comes.

Price Comparison


Your organization works with multiple suppliers and unsteady costs, which might build sourcing merchandise and value containment backbreaking and undependable.


With the RPA put in, a golem can mechanically extract information to trace worth fluctuations and supply the best evaluation.

Benefits of RPA for worth Comparison:

  1. Automates creation of catalog entries for brand spanking new suppliers and validates the information in progress
  2. Checks for duplication within the catalog together with multiple suppliers for identical merchandise and services
  3. Improves evaluation and contract terms by distinguishing opportunities to consolidate suppliers
  4. Checks external sources for lowest costs on merchandise
  • Consolidated and correct list of suppliers that updates mechanically
  • Suppliers give merchandise and services at or below open market rates

Storing Customer Information

RPA will assist you store, type and organize all types of client data to confirm everything is well accessible. The system can mechanically categorize completely different information like contact data, purchase history, preferences, personal data like birthdays or anniversaries. The system will show all the data to client care executives, salespersons, and similar staff. There’s no ought to manually enter this data or worry regarding its accuracy. RPA is additional correct than folks and incorporates a lower margin of error.


The screening of the process of resumes and online application forms to identify the right applicant and produce a shortlist of those and calling for an interview is a time consuming process. RPA can be implemented to gather and screen resumes and online application forms do thorough background verification checks and compare the info against all relevant job requisition. Creating conducting and monitoring of specific documents for new joiners has multiple dimensions with local and company regulations on various aspects. Manually checking all the data can take quite some time and is prone to human error. RPA can be implemented to conveniently craft offer letters for new employees that are both tailor made and reliable. Easy to crosschecks with diverse related rules and regulations stored in different systems and databases. After the new joiner accepted job offer all the necessary id equipment and employee access has to be provided and all this has to happen following new candidate profile his preferences and the company rules. RPA can be implemented to automatically trigger a predefined onboarding workflow once the user account is created business rules assigned to the user profile guide robot to take decisions for instance which system accesses to grant jhr professionals manage all the data of current employees applicants new hires compliance and regulatory requirements payroll and benefits many tasks require manual entry, updating and maintenance across multiple disparate database management systems. RPA can be implemented to ensure accurate and complete employee data from the very first day starting with an employee record creation by interacting with the new employee to enter the data accurately and continued by data cleansing and activities to ensure consistency across multiple systems in various formats. In many cases individual needs training and requirements are identified by chance rather than based upon a structure and ongoing basis so that compliance is being granted and missing or wrong data can be prevented with RPA implementation automatic notification of certification requirements can be scheduled as individual employee characteristics and certification status are compared against requirements.

Processing quick Refunds

Quick responses and effective solutions are what new customers are acquainted with. With the assistance of Robotic method Automation (RPA) businesses will alter processes and tasks that are usually administered by staff. Not solely will RPA integrate well with the prevailing IT infrastructure, however it may work across totally different applications, platforms, and departments.

Customers need that the method of refunds ought to be quick and hassle-free. A company’s name is directly proportional to the speed at that it processes refunds. By coping with the large complaints and returning knowledge effectively, RPA will method the refund with no delay. This incorporates a singularly positive impact on the company’s name and enhances the general client expertise.

  • It performs the steps for checking refund eligibility
  • It performs calculations as per the outlined business rules
  • It validates the quantity
  • RPA approves it for payment unharness
  • For any fallouts within the machine-driven method that need human intervention, exceptional situations ar notified to be handled manually
  • RPA is ascendable and might be tweaked for complicated situations.

Extract knowledge from completely different Formats

Data will seem in several formats starting from editable text to be written notes. Knowledge entry professionals struggle to scan the knowledge and enter it into the system. Optical character recognition technology is definitely ready to scan the knowledge from completely different formats, sources and enter it into the system. The complete method is automatic with very little compromise within the accuracy of the knowledge. If your business has to collect and store info from completely different sources, RPA could be a nice investment. Workers pay around 100 percent for twenty of their man hours on musical passage pc tasks like this one. You’ll save all of that point and direct it towards one thing a lot of productive.

Processing HR Information

It is imperative that the corporate records and maintains a variety of knowledge on its staff. The organization requires personal data on its staff to hold out activities like paying employees directly into their bank accounts, determining pay rates, and keeping records on staff contacts or those of their next of kin in the event of emergencies. Additionally, accurate and relevant data is requisite to support the strategic also as operational decisions of the organization, within the interest of the organization’s ambitions.

In HR, human capital refers to the people operating for a company and their collective experience, knowledge, talent, and innovation capability, square measure perpetually developing. Reports on human capital offer qualitative still as quantitative knowledge on a spread of structural aspects like the amount of worker engagement and employee turnover. With this data, the organization is in a position to focus on the best time unit management interventions for the acceleration of business performance. Generally, the worth of a company isn’t solely anchored on tangible assets like land, equipment, and money, and intangible assets like goodwill, however conjointly human capital, that is progressively rising as a vital part of a company within the current knowledge-based economic surroundings

As retentive and rising workforces still progressively creates challenges for 60 minutes practitioners, managing human capital in organizations has emerged as an important role for 60 minutes departments. Most organizations presently need their workers to fill numerous forms through which data like education levels, legal status, bank details, legal names, social insurance details, and beneficiaries for advantage plans, are gathered. The knowledge collected by the 60 minutes departments is important in determining the amount and blend of skills within the current workforce, following workers, turnover trends, and predicting future performance levels and worker engagement. The gathering of 60 minutes of knowledge facilitates the upkeep of worker profiles that change worker payments and compensation. The gathering of 60 minutes of knowledge allows 60 minutes, departments to keep up records for restrictive compliance further as legal liability functions. The government makes it obligatory for numerous companies, particularly larger organizations, to keep up worker records as a manner of guaranteeing compliance with numerous legal provisions. 60 minutes departments are a unit charged with safeguarding the welfare of workers, and thus, aggregation of 60 minutes data could also be instrumental in reducing accident rates, minimizing absence, and raising the variety profile.


RPA enables humans to perform better, smarter and more creatively on higher-value tasks. It also increases job satisfaction because humans are not sitting for repeating processes over and over again. RPA adoption can still grow within the years to return. In the meantime, a lot of advanced artificial intelligence solutions can still mature and be adopted across industries. Those organizations that square measure sure-fire in scaling RPA square measure best positioned to advance to and reap the advantages of increased and psychological feature automation solutions.