AngelFunding Application for Venture Capital Management


Crowd – funding Application for Venture Capital Management


Sujith B.S.

Consulting Services – Mobile

Crowd-funding application that allows  investments in start-up ventures. The business was using an application, for investors to invest in start-up ventures. These investors wanted to use Crowd Funding Application to view and analyse the listed projects.

We found that the system was not stable and facing security issues. The system did not support any payment gateway, and here automation was necessary. The customer handed over the system to our team, to eliminate issues and integrate new features.
This was an entirely new domain area, that of banking, crowd funding and lending. The technology was also new, and having no prior experience on Ruby on Rails and Slim, we had to quickly scale up our understanding. Moreover the documentation for the existing system was inadequate.
We introduced BURP Suite, a software for identifying security vulnerabilities. In order to separate the system into two, a clone of the existing system was created and moved to an entirely new repository. The unwanted features were removed, to create a system with limited features.
We identified the security vulnerabilities and classified them as Critical/High/Medium level, which resulted in eliminating 95% of the vulnerabilities. We split the system successfully into two, and released both versions, leading to increased adoption by 15 %.

Crowd-funding Application for Venture Capital Management