Artificial Intelligence – Creating the future

artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to control a machine or robot to do tasks that are done by human. AI systems can illustrate a number of the skills related to human intelligence like planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, social intelligence and creativity. Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of every industry for simplifying human effort. Artificial intelligence has acted as the main driver of rising technologies like big data, robotics and IOT, and it’ll still act as a technological originator for the predictable future.

Artificial intelligence today is properly known as two type, one is narrow AI (or weak AI) and other one is general AI (AGI or strong AI). Narrow AI is designed to perform simple or a single task for example only driving a car or only facial recognition or only internet searches. However, general AI is long-term goal of every researcher. Both can outperform humans. While narrow AI can do specific task is, like playing chess, and AGI could do multiple task.

AI is a branch of Engineering that can create intelligent machines that work like human and capable of what the human brain can do. AI can do numerous human functions such as speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. The extreme important part of AI is machine learning. Machine learning involves a group of algorithm that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting solutions without being explicitly programmed for any particular task. In other words, AI machines will be able to generate output by learning from input, identify patterns and make decisions without human. It can also update the output as new input data becomes available. Thereby, reducing human intervention.

The influence of AI technology is often seen across all sectors like transportation, education, producing, on-line looking, communication, sports, media, healthcare  and so on.

Infrastructure Requirements
  • High computing capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Security
  • Cost effective solution

The Impact of AI on Various Industries



Artificial intelligence is making more progress in the transport sector. For helping cars, trains, ships and airplanes to function automatically to find traffic and also find an easier way, then it reduce fuel consumption. Artificial intelligence can help to reduce the human errors that cause many traffic accidents. AI system makes feasible to control the car with key or mobile abandoning the manual direct control as the car is parked or driven by human out of it by using mobile. When an obstacle appears in front of the car, the car stops automatically before the driver brakes.

  • Reducing travel times by analyzing traffic
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Ride sharing app – determining the price and supply chain prediction

Artificial intelligence can help education easier and personalized. People can access education materials through smart devices and computers. Today, students don’t need to attend classes because they can use computer and internet. AI also helps education institution by automation of administrative tasks to reduce the time required to complete difficult tasks like grading exams and assessing homework. Student’s presence is recorded even in each period through AI system, so old attendance taking system was replaced by new AI system. It makes the teacher duty to watch the students easier and gives attention to parents by informing them if their children are present or absent.

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Automated grading
  • Virtual teachers or lecturers
  • Adaptive learning

Artificial intelligence can help the players and coaches equally. AI can help the coaches by observing the position and motion of players for making better decisions for matches. AI can also help players to analyze where the performance gaining and losing. AI can provide real time feedback of workout and create personalized training regimens for players when coaches busy. The strength and weakness of players can be detected by observing previous matches through AI system. AI enabled robots improves the exactness of decision in the match. Therefore robots can be used instead of referees in the match.

  • Wearable tech to analyze performance
  • Smart ticketing
  • Automated Video highlights
  • Computer vision referee

Gaming is considered as one of the most entertaining programs in the modern world. Many people are engaged with games until it is told that gaming is main factor of human daily life. AI system provides a lot of facilities in the gaming. At present world, real actions were pictured in game, that is game is going ahead according to gamers moving. The gamer gets genuine feeling through AI system when he/she plays the games. The gamers obtain improved visual quality and their gestures lead the game before through AI enabled system. AI in gaming also helps to increase the player’s interest and satisfaction over a long period of time to making games more real. Nowadays, mobile game developers also using machine learning and AI algorithms to give brilliance to mobile games. So it delivers a realistic gaming experience for mobile gamers.

  • Thought-controlled gaming
  • Improved visual quality
  • Gesture control
  • AI coach
  • Facial recognition for 3D avatar

Media is communication tools that provide data or information to the public. AI can play big role in media industry. AI can help to select a content which trending in particular place and deliver to public. AI provides real time exchange of contents and entertaining the viewers. It also provides better Ads sales by analyzing viewer’s character. In the rapidly changing world, fake news circulates swiftly than true news. AI enabled system assists to eliminate fake news. The admissibility of news is to be separate from prejudice and bias of journalist. AI system maintains the news being separate from bias by using robots.

  • Automated journalism
  • Eliminating fake news
  • Data analysis
  • Bias removal
  • Content analysis for organization

Healthcare is the most important industry in this world. AI can make improvement in healthcare. AI assisted robot can help to analyze the data from previous surgery and guide the doctor during surgery. The virtual nursing assistants can work for 24/7 and it can observe patient and give quick care to patients. Now AI is used to detect Skin cancer and also helped to diagnosis. AI also helps hospitals by automating of administrative tasks like patient health details, doctor and nurse salaries etc. AI enabled ambulance can guide the people to cure the patient on ambulance by giving accurate suggestions after checking the condition of the patient. Now healthcare is regarded as profitable field. Instead of social service, the patients are enforced to buy unwanted medicine and undergo to unwanted checking by the doctor. Through using AI system, the patient will be aware of his conditions essential medicine and checking with turning back the healthcare to the social service.

  • Autonomous surgical robot
  • Automatic disease identification and diagnosis
  • Personalized treatment
  • Drug discovery
  • Identifying candidates for clinical trials
  • Health monitoring wearable trackers
  • Virtual doctors

AI is the main component in social networks used in our daily life. Facebook uses advanced machine learning to suggest friends, videos and photos to you. LinkedIn uses AI to suggest job and peoples you want to connect. AI also made social media for business marketing.

  • Photo Recognition
  • Newsfeed personalization
  • Friendship suggestion
  • Augmented reality filters
  • Automated video or music synchronization

Apart from these industries, Agriculture is the most relevant industry in India. AI can help farmers for analyzing soil and crops for better yield.AI assisted drone can capable to find infected plant or weeds and spray chemicals to particular area or plant. So it will minimize the usage of chemicals. AI enabled cameras can capture the picture of entire field, analyze the picture in real time, identify the troubled area and give solutions.AI can discover the minerals from the soil and provide sufficient minerals to the soil.

  • Robot harvesters
  • Computer vision to monitor crops and soil health
  • Predictive analysis of environmental impact on crops

Nowadays people are trying to make home smart. So AI-enabled homes can provide a vast amount of technologies. AI enabled camera installed in the home can identify thieves or unusual things and alert the house owner by making sounds or send messages. So the house owner can check the videos and inform the police. AI works as a controller in the home when the owner goes out, working fans and lights will be switched off by sensing his or her presence. The machines such as air conditioners, motor pumps are regulated automatically.

  • Personal Assistants
  • Automatic goods ordering
  • Home security
  • Temperature and light control

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in the defense industry. A robot can act as a soldier better than a human can. It traces the ways of enemies and traps them. It keeps better decision making in various arena such as shooting, fighting, tracing, etc… Through using it, human soldier’s lives are secured. AI enabled weapon system uses sensors and computer algorithms to identify the enemies in long distance without human control and diminish them in the way a human does or doesn’t. AI can capture high speed and destructive enemies like planes, jets, bombs, etc.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Civilian detection
  • Autonomous decision making
  • Target identification
  • Diagnosis and maintenance of weapons systems
  • War gaming, simulation and training

The main role of Artificial Intelligence in fashion is suggesting. AI was used to recommend dresses to customers according to their height, weight, shape, and current size. AI system can able to calculate the attribute like height, shape and size from input images. The manufactures can check the quality of clothes and find the defects of clothes through AI system without humans. AI system suggests to customers a suitable dress in trend and color, matching makeup and hair style, and all aspects related to the fashion of a human.

  • Detect pimples and black shades in faces
  • Recommend dresses
  • Identify trends


Artificial Intelligence is the technology that can control every business when it works perfectly. It improved the user experience of their service and products. As a human, we don’t even know the majority part of it yet. There are so many things to find and so much to explore. Some experts predict that AI will be able to do anything that humans can. This is a questionable assumption, but AI will surely surpass humans in specific places. In a chess games, the computer was beating the world chess champion was the first example.

In the current scenario, AI is just working well to enhance the user experience and to enhance data security. But if we see the future predictions when we will be able to explore more in deep learning and machine learning, then we might achieve milestones in the near future. So the real question is when AI can replace humans?