Cloud Computing with Azure

Cloud_Computing with Azure
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Cloud computing is a technology that changed the face of business scope in the software field, cloud computing gives access to even start-up companies to get an advanced step into the software industry. Instead of creating infrastructure on on-premises and suffering high cost, infrastructure setup etc, only needed infrastructure can be created and can be accessed and only need to pay according to time and storage used. Cloud computing services also allow running applications without servers which reduce the huge task of maintaining servers from vulnerabilities and hardware issues. Azure is one of the most commonly used cloud computing services provided by Microsoft.

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform created by Microsoft which developers and IT professionals use to create, deploy and manage applications through their global network of knowledge centers. Azure is often used for services like analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and far more. It is often wont to replace or supplement your on-premise servers.

Altogether, there are quite 100 distinctive Azure products accessible to consumers immediately, starting from AI machine learning services to management tools which will provide you with app insights that detect, triage, and diagnose issues that will be present in your services. When combined with third-party tools and apps, Azure is meant to be your one-stop destination for development.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

  1. Microsoft Azure offers high availability.
  2. It offers you a robust security profile.
  3. Azure offers good scalability options.
  4. It is an economical solution for an IT budget.
  5. There are multiple redundancies in situ to take care of data access.
  6. Azure allows you to use any framework, language, or tool.
  7.  You are given access to app connectors within the Microsoft family of products.
  8.  Azure allows businesses to create a hybrid infrastructure.

Azure Services

  1. Azure DevOps:-

Azure DevOps services are the primary entry among the top Azure services present within the market. The Azure DevOps services are ideal for smarter planning and better collaboration to make sure faster delivery. Azure DevOps services help in leveraging proven agile tools for planning, tracking, and discussion of labor among different teams.

  1. Virtual Machines:-

Virtual Machines are another expansion among core Azure services within the Compute category. This service helps in creating Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs) during a matter of seconds. the foremost interesting aspect of this Azure service is the facility of VMs consistent with your needs.

  1. Azure Cosmos DB:-

One of the foremost popular Azure cloud computing services is Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB offers a worldwide distributed, fully managed database service. The worldwide dissemination is turnkey in nature and also involves transparent multi-master replication.

  1. Azure Active Directory:-

Azure Active Directory (AD) is that the next addition among hottest Azure cloud computing services. It is a universal identity platform for the management and security of identities. it’s an enterprise identity service that gives single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for safeguarding users from majority cybersecurity threats.

  1. API Management:-

API Management is additionally one of the simplest Azure services you’ll find presently. It helps in publishing, managing, analysis, and security of APIs during a jiffy. Azure’s API Management may be a turnkey solution ideally fit the publication of APIs to internal and external customers.

  1. Azure Content Delivery Network:- 

The Azure CDN is an Azure service that gives benefits of reliable and secure content delivery and acceleration. Azure CDM integrates effectively with other services of Azure like Web Apps, Storage, and Cloud Services.

  1. Azure Backup:-

Azure backup service is additionally one of the highest Azure services, which are popular among enterprises. An azure backup is a perfect tool for simplifying data protection from human errors and ransomware. it’s an economical backup solution that needs nothing quite a click. you’ll use this service for backup of Azure Virtual machines and SQL workloads also as on-premises VMware machines.

  1. Logic Apps:-

Logic Apps are one of the simplest Azure services which are gaining recognition gradually for his or her applications in building powerful integration solutions. The huge ecosystem of cloud-based and SaaS connectors like Google Services, Office 365, and Twitter may be a prominent highlight.

  1. Azure Site Recovery:-

Azure Site Recovery may are late during this list, but is usually the priority for enterprises. It provides a built-in disaster recovery service for your business with unique features for simplicity and adaptability. you’ll found out Azure Site Recovery in simple steps through the replication of an Azure VM to different Azure regions.

  1. Azure Bots:-

 The final addition to the present list of hottest Azure services refers to Bots that come under the Automation category. Customers like better to chat with bots for various customer support and repair issues. Therefore, Azure Bot’s service could help in improving client experience by capitalizing on the automation capacities of bots.


Azure is one of the popular cloud technologies used in the software industry which provides cloud services that can be used in production environments which demands high availability, cost efficient, support in Linux environments and superior support in .net and windows environments.

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