How to Improve Customer Experience with A Better Web Design?

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Web Design plays a vital role in marketing to attract more customers and to provide a seamless user experience. Research shows that a well-designed user interface can increase the website’s conversion rate by up to 200% and companies that focused more on design saw an increase in their sales. Thus we can understand the importance of providing a better web design for the customers. In this article, we will discuss different ways of how website design affects customer experience and how to improve the web design for a better conversion rate.

Ways to Improve Web Design to Enhance User Experience

In today’s digital market, customers have a wide range of possibilities to opt among the available options, and convincing them to choose yours is challenging. Work on your webpage to reduce the bounce rate by providing a rich user experience. People decide to leave the site when they don’t get what they need after landing on your site or may be perplexed by the bad web design. Having an effective website is one of the important ways to enhance your business and marketing strategies. People will look at your online presence before doing business to ensure their trust and it can create a first impression about your brand and making it a positive one is the challenge. Most of the users analyze the credibility of the company by looking at how well you have showcased yourself on your website and if you have not presented it well, you will lose a potential customer. Look, feel and usability are the major factors that will help to improve the user experience. Now you can understand how important it is to build an effective website and how web design plays an irreplaceable factor in making it efficient and SEO optimized. Let’s look at the various factors that need to be taken care of while designing the website. 

Grab Attention With Your Website Home Page

Create a website that makes a good impression within the initial 4 to 8 seconds to the visitors as this time is a crucial time to decide whether to continue or leave the site as per the studies. So having an appealing home page is essential as it is the landing page that grabs the attention of the customers and to makes them stick to the webpage. Now you can realize how important it is to design an elegant home page. The layout must be an attractive and effective communication is needed to make the customers stick on your web page and choose color contrasts that attract human eyes. Take special care by choosing the right colors for the website as it plays an important role to improve the website’s look and feel. Using Directional cues can make the website more interactive as it plays psychology behind it and also attracts people to continue to explore more as it communicates more than words does. Think ideas for selecting an effective cue that makes the webpage unique and design it in a way that points on to the important elements in your page. Highlight the important elements to catch the eyes of the visitors and add images/videos which actually explain what you offer to get a better understanding of your product/services. Make sure to avoid auto-play of the video as it may annoy some users as well. Update the homepage often according to the trends in the market to offer a good user experience. Adding testimonials, the About us page, making an effective Company Logo and contact details will help to build trust among the visitors.

Help Visitors Find What They’re Looking For

Focus on the website design usability to give clarity to the visitors about what you provide and make website navigation easy so that users can find what they are looking for without difficulty. Give proper headlines to the webpage which is short and readable. The headlines must be eye-catching and use the keyword the user is searching for, which will not only make the customer feel that they are in right place but also it improves the Google search rankings. If the website is not user-friendly, people won’t prefer to continue to use your site. Conducting Usability tests with new users will help to identify any flaws in the design before going live. Although colors and design are important, without having good and relevant content there is no use for those designs. The contents should be concise and informative which conveys what you offer to the customers with ease. Study your major targeted customers and knowing their interest, age, gender etc. should also be considered while designing to attract them. Nowadays marketing can be done efficiently by using social media to expand your reach and by adding your social media account icons at the bottom will help the customers to view your accounts and can know more about your product/services. Add Frequently Asked Questions in your website as it helps the users to get much more idea about your business. There are various surveys conducted by the companies to know the interests of the visitors to understand what they really want. Consider those findings while designing so that the gaps between the brand and the visitors are minimal. Use CTA buttons while designing and it must be highlighted and placed where the users can notice easily.

Make Your Online Experience Accessible Everywhere

Having a strong online presence is one of the main business survival strategies in this digital era and having a responsive design is another important rule to remember while web designing. Depending on the screen size, the web page should display without compromising the features. Make sure your website is compatible on every browser and taking care of such common requirements can increase the chances of higher customer interactions. It should also work well on every device the visitors use to expand your online presence to potential users. Highlight your logo and tagline so that it will stay in visitor’s minds even if they leave the site and will increase the chances of coming back to you later. Monitor your website’s page loading performance frequently as the page with a higher load rate has high traffic churn. Use simple language so that it is easily understandable to every user and give attention to optimize images that you use while designing the webpage. Consider people with disabilities and add subtitles or provide transcription of your video to get a better reach of target audiences. Provide descriptive Alt text to describe the images to users having visual disabilities. Make use of social media to share regular news, write blogs to expand your reach and also to optimize the SEO. This will help the users to get an opportunity to know more about you which will help to get a positive impression among the potential customers which may make them interested in doing business with you. 

Create an Emotional Connection

Design the website in such a way that creates an emotional connection among the users when they visit the site. This will help to build 2trust among the visitors and this can be achieved by choosing the right colors, fonts and images. The images should be visually appealing and must convey what you offer or the message that we are here to help you. Colors have a psychology that influences users and will encourage them to explore more on the site. Never use color combinations that cause a negative impact or that causes strain in the eyes as they may work against you. Choose positive color combinations and images which make the look and feel elegant to the visitors. We know photographs have emotions and it speaks and adding such images like human photos will help to create an emotional connection among the users even without their knowledge. Understand who your audience is and consider the factors which can influence them and choose suitable images in your web page. Typography is another factor that plays a vital role in creating an emotional connection among users. Choose styles that are popular and easily readable to users of every age. Making your webpage memorable to the visitors is important. Add humor to your web page are also a good idea to make your web page more memorable to the users, but make sure to add it only if it suits your business. Do your research on how to improve an emotional connection among the users and look at what your competitors offer to know if there is any improvement required to give a seamless user experience. Handle error pages wisely so that it may not annoy the visitors if something went wrong.

Designing an Amazing Web Experience

Don’t make your users think about what to do next after landing on the web page. A lot of planning is needed to structure the webpage contents and arrange layouts in order to attract the eyes of visitors. Not all have the patience and time to try and understand what your services are. Making the website convenient to use for every visitor is a challenge and without meeting their expectations leads to an increase in the website bounce rate. Be concise and clear and use white spaces wherever necessary to make the content of the page stand out and easily readable. Make sure to use simple words that convey what you offer to reach the target audience. Imagery plays a vital role to provide an amazing web experience to the users. The images you choose should be related to your brand/service and must be eye-catching and every image must be consistent throughout and must be placed in the right size. Use human photos, show your team photos on the site to get a genuine feeling to the users about your business and use high-quality images but make sure it doesn’t affect your website optimization. Be consistent with the colors you choose to design the website, for example, use the logo color or the brand color in the website as it will help to relate your product to the visitors and make it more memorable. Adding animations can make the webpage more engaging but it will be based on what type of business you provide. The above factors will definitely help to provide an amazing and memorable experience to the visitors.


Hope you understood how such little things can have a major impact in web designing. By keeping these things in mind while designing the site, you can help your visitors to find what they really need and thus create a positive impression which may then enhance your sales. Do frequent monitoring of your site to understand any performance issues and be open to making changes in the design based on the needs and demands in the market.