Application for Identity Verification and Work Eligibility


Application for Identity Verification and Work Eligibility

Tisho A.K.

Consulting Services – Mobile

We developed an application to make card checking easy and stringent, in the context of growing adoption of integrated circuit cards for identification purposes. With this application, consumers can use the NFC function of their smartphones to securely perform the ‘Identity Verification’ process.

We realised early on that the challenges were mainly technical. This application works on NFC technology, and all Android and iOS devices does not have in-built NFC reading capabilities. So in such cases the NFC reading process had to be disabled to avoid crashes.

To our surprise, initially there was widespread non-availability of integrated circuit cards in the development environment. So, we had to create an integrated circuit card and simulate NFC reading. This took extra time in the development effort.

We visualised the system as consisting of three-parts. The mobile application reads data from the integrated circuit card using NFC. The web application lists all data from the backend server. The Web Service provides APIs to mobile applications and web portals.

The newly made application makes the demanding identity verification work, more easy and convenient. This application greatly improves the efficiency of copying, documentation and transcription of employment data of financial institutions.

Application for Identity Verification and Work Eligibility