Online Survey Platform for Macromill Group


Online Survey Platform for a Leading Group

Sajin M.K.

Consulting Services – Web

An online survey tool that enables customers to create surveys with different type of questions, and distribute them on multiple channels. It provides different type of analytics for the survey results.

We realised that users do not like to spend too much time answering questions. So survey system performance is extremely important, and had to be optimized. Also survey creation and answering module had to be extremely user-friendly.

We had to build an enhanced version of the survey platform which is compatible with all type of devices. The platform had to be designed to support different type of subscription plans and packages –based on the customer interests, survey sizes, payments and features.

The solution was an advanced one. The Web Application integrated MySQL database and Python as development language. UI/UX was implemented using viewJS and Bootstrap. We used ElasticCache for higher system performance.
The survey platform was found stable across all browsers and devices. This application provided fast and easy survey creation module, with a set of pre-defined survey question types. The smooth system performance led to an increase in survey attendee count by 70%.

Online Survey Platform for Macromill Group