E-commerce Loyalty Application

Our experience developing a custom E-commerce loyalty application enabled with Mobile money to redeem reward points.

Customer Profile:

Our Client is a leading Financial service provider in Japan. They have expanded their national footprint to over 500 cities with over 1000+ dedicated branch networks having a strong presence even in non-metro cities. They follow a customer need-centric fulfilment model. The product portfolio includes Personal Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property, Enterprise Business Loan, Gold Loan, Car Loans, Loan against Shares, Loan Against Securities, Commercial Vehicle Loan, Construction Equipment Loan, and Consumer Durable Loan.

Problem Statement:

When it comes to loyalty programs, experts in behavioural economics tell us that consumers respond well to temporal discounting, or immediate validation over higher-value delayed rewards. HelloWorld’s loyalty research shows time to earn an award is the most prominent loyalty pain point, with 53% of consumers saying it takes too long to earn. As such, brands should demonstrate value within 30 days to 90 days. To set a strong precedent — and a promising first impression — brands can employ this tactic at acquisition with a gift upon sign-up.

Difficult to Gauge Loyalty Behaviour– It’s very hard for the loyalty framework to break away from the transactional spirit. More than often, it appears that the one who is a frequent buyer is loyal. But that may not be the case.

Limitations of Loyalty Data– As loyalty data does not look at the purchases from other brands and stores, it provides a limited picture of consumers’ overall purchase behaviour. Customer panel data may also be more representative than the loyalty card member data. Furthermore, customers may feel offended if they are uncomfortable sharing sensitive information to get the incentives of the program.

Documenting the Details– Documentation isn’t only important to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s also vital for making all details of your retail loyalty program plan clear — and for making sure you’re covering all factors.

A modern loyalty system that is capable of identifying loyal customers and helps to retain them is the best solution to address the issue.

Project Background:

The goal of this project was to provide their customers with superior service and an eCommerce platform to enable a loyalty program. They suggested a Loyalty Logic for Financial Services that can be Account-based membership & rewarding renewals which only allow active, registered customers to benefit from your readily available perks and rewards. Also need a customizable loyalty that best suits their brand’s offerings with a deeper sense of customer satisfaction, which increases customer lifetime value and retention rates amongst loyal customers. They also need to increase customer engagement by rewarding their customers in various ways that encourage repeat interaction.

Here the proposed system should include:

  • A customizable dashboard and reports, which give you detailed insights into customer data for planning programs and promotions.
  • Need to create a customer profile for each of your customers so that you can view history, reward balances, preferences, and more.
  • Ensure the loyalty platform is PCI compliant and acts as a seal of trust for its security and trustworthiness of payment transactions.
  • Provision for customers to sign in and access their loyalty program data and rewards balances either online or through mobile web apps.
  • Provide simplicity to improve customer experience and stand out from the crowd.
  • Reward cardholders with points each time they use their payment card.
  • Integrate wallet in your platform for easier, quicker, and seamless payment.
  • Keep your customer engaged in your loyalty program by offering gift cards, vouchers to your customers.
  • Integrate chatbots in your system to solve your customer’s queries online.


  • Difficult to identify loyal customers
  • Constraints of collected data
  • Market Saturation


Development language: Java spring

Database Server: MySQL

File Storage: AWS S3 Hibernate

Content Delivery: AWS CloudFront


Innovator proposed an Ecommerce based customer loyalty reward platform to improve customer engagement by creating a completely immersive, user-centric, fully personalized reward shopping experience. The system also gives the chance to create an engaging customer experience on their loyalty program.

The platform supported customers to purchase items using mobile money. The solution was one of the first application which was using mobile money when the concept was introduced in Japan. The mobile money payment is enabled with providers like AU and Softbank.


  • Reports with actionable insights on the target customers
  • Elevated customer experience for easy buying.
  • Location based notifications on events and other loyalty programs
  • Easily redeem rewards with Mobile money
  • Mobile money enabled ecommerce platform for frictionless transactions

Return on Investment:

52% increase in the number of loyal customers in a span of 1 year after the launch of the new loyalty solution.