Video Ad Management System

Customer Profile:

Our client is a prominent player in Japan for digital marketing, specializing in engineering and data analysis. They aim to create new businesses and products by fusing cutting edge technologies and disruptive business models in the digital marketing field to enable their customers to grow exponentially.

Problem Statement:

Traditional Ads displayed on websites and apps are less engaging, less smart, and it is difficult to derive actionable insights from them.

A Video Ad Management Solution will solve this problem and make the experience more immersive, interesting, and smart.

Project Background:

Our client required a smart video ad management system that is capable of showing different Ad formats, with options to customize the dimensions and attributes of the displayed Ad. The client also wanted to get insights on the Ad such as view count, view percentage, number of clicks, etc., through a web dashboard application.


  • Optimizing time of responding
  • Data quality


  • Java and Angular for web
  • JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5 for the player.


Innovature proposed an Ad management system which consists of two parts: 

  1. Web Application;
  2. Player.

Web Application is used for uploading and managing advertisement content. Advertisers can register, upload videos and create Ads using the web application. It also contains an advertisement report which contains relevant data like total number of views, number of clicks, and the view percentage of the advertisement. View count is updated every second.

Player Script is used to deliver the Ad to the third-party distributors. Currently, 14 Ad formats are available. Each format is different from another in title styling, dimensions, logo positions, etc. Users can select play modes as well (Autoplay or play when scroll event takes place). The players will only play the Ad when it is 50% viewable. The user also gets a provision to preview the Ad before saving it.


  • Real time insights.
  • A more immersive experience for the viewers.
  • Derived meaningful insights for customer satisfaction.

Return on Investment:

The Video Ad Management Solution increased the operational efficiency by 35% and also enabled the decision makers with real-time actionable insights. 

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