Desktop Application for Survey & Market Research


Desktop Application for Survey & Market Research


Vineeth P M

Consulting Services – Web

We developed the survey management desktop application for our client, a leading global marketing research firm. The requirement was to enhance the performance of their core system, which is used for managing the survey information and data.
The existing application used by customer was not able to handle large amounts of data, and crashes were frequent during operations. It had compatibility issues with Windows OS updates, and prone to unauthorized tampering; above all the system was proving difficult to maintain and operate.
The key challenge we faced was that this was a core system for the business operations, which meant that we had to work on a live system. Moreover, this was the first project we were carrying out in this domain, with no track record or prior experience.
We successfully undertook the challenge and developed the desktop application integrating SQLite database, using C# as development language with relevant libraries. The re-developed application completely eliminated the implementation of VBA and usage of Interop.
The business benefits were significant and with crashes reduced to almost nil in the new application, compared to as much as 20% incidents in the earlier version. The security features improved, and files with more than 1 million records can be easily be processed without any performance impact.

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