Video Distribution Platform

Our experience developing a video distribution platform integrated with audience behavior analytics and face tracking.

Customer Profile:

Our client is a Japan-based industry leader in digital advertisement and B to C marketing. They develop powerful ideas and tell magnetic stories that move at the speed of news, make an immediate impact, transform culture, and spark movements. Their goal is to connect your brand to your audience with an entire spectrum of integrated services and technology.

Problem Statement:

Traditional ways of managing advertisements are less flexible. Video distribution platforms available were less customizable and hard to control. Less flexible and less customizable platforms will not yield the intended result the client wanted.

A video distribution platform integrated with features like face recognition, payment interface, and distinct control mechanisms will result in a flexible and customizable experience.

Project Background:

Our client required a smart advertisement management platform. Innovature suggested a video distribution platform with reporting capability for managing advertisements, news, and other information contents that can be delivered seamlessly to different platforms like cabs, trains, ships, elevators, and other retail outlets. As a result, anyone can now reach distant locations, increase audience and monetize content easily. Here administrators should have access to detailed reports on the number of views, duration of views, and more. They were also in need of developing and approving standardized versions of multiple video content and providing the highest possible quality for the industry leaders.


  • Face tracking
  • Delivery and playback
  • Getting a detailed report on the play count and view count of the advertisement


Development language: Java

Database Server: MySQL

File Storage: AWS S3 Hibernate

Content Delivery: AWS CloudFront


Innovature delivered an advanced video distribution platform where you can upload and display advertisements that support 50+ players.

The system has 2 parts: 1) Web application 2) Client-side application.

1)Web application- This is for uploading and managing advertisement videos. Both the admin and the user have access here, where the admin is the advertising company and the user is the advertisement owner. Here the admin can upload advertisements and schedule them to play. The admin can also enable or disable the face tracking feature. The user gets a detailed report on play count, view count, etc with the face tracking features being used.

2) Client-side application- This application is an iOS application which only supports iPad. The iPad will be displayed in saloons, cabs, trains, ships, elevators, and other retail outlets where the uploaded advertisement is intended to be displayed. Here all the devices are registered using the customer application, and all the devices can be controlled using the unique registration id.


  • Saved up to 80% costs on channels delivery comparing to leased lines and satellite connections
  • Agile video distribution
  • Cloud-native
  • Easy to use

Return on Investment:

The video distribution platform brought in about 25% increase in view.

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