Cycle Navi Solution

Our Experience developing a holistic cycle navigation solution.

Customer Profile:

Our client is one of the leading electronics manufacture in the world. They offer premium consumer headphones, earphones and speakers, software technology, and streaming music subscription services. They are now into enabling a future of autonomous devices to navigate and understand the world.

Problem Statement:

Bicycling continues to soar in popularity, consider its health benefits and recreational value. When going on exploratory cycle rides with new routes, riders may worry if the route is safe or if they may pass within meters of something they would have been interested in exploring. Having a cycle navigation application saves time and worry and gives you confidence that you are on the right route and that the route has been well-designed to be safe, enjoyable and show you the best sights and scenery.

Project Background:

Our client requires a complete solution providing a customized device and application for bicycle riders to make cycling even more accessible, exciting, and fun to experience authentic outdoor adventures. The application should be capable of sport-specific, topographic routing—tailor-made for their customers. Engaging user experience with a customizable route prediction that includes rider’s interest.


  • Integrated with various cycle sensors
  • Provided connectivity among other users in the same location
  • Providing real-time tracking and routing


Development language: Python Database Server: MySQL File Storage: AWS S3 Hibernate Content Delivery: AWS CloudFront


We delivered a holistic application with real-time tracking data and statistics to support cycle navigation devices. The application is equipped with the most intuitive route planning algorithm on the market. The system saves time and allows the users to navigate and experience adventures no matter how isolated the path or how off-road the trail. The application will ensure that the rider gets accurate maps even in offline mode. We also provided access to over 1,000 prebuilt routes and trails. The offline map access feature is ideal if you prefer to ride or hike in remote locations where mobile signals can be spotty. You can also share your location with others for added safety. Also, help to connect among other users in the same location.


  • Track your stats.
  • Monitor your health
  • Navigate your way anywhere

Return on Investment:

1 million users registered with the cycle navi solution in a span of 1 year.