Document Management & Versioning System

Our experience developing a document management system with distributed ledger versioning system and capable of bringing a 30% increase in the efficiency of the knowledge workers.

Customer Profile:

Our client is a leading player in providing enterprise content management solutions designed to improve organizational efficiency and regulatory compliance. They help banks, building societies, IFAs, Wealth Management firms, and Credit Lenders to manage vast amounts of sensitive information, to achieve maximum productivity and assured compliance. They solve the paper/productivity issues and make the power of information instantly available anywhere across the enterprise. Our total solution approach creates a working partnership to help your company realize the full potential of its content management solution. Partnering with IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, and other technology leaders, they have created a system that is at home in virtually any mix of databases, server platforms, and networks.

Problem Statement:

According to the Harris Interactive survey, 56% of knowledge workers have to manually merge the different versions of their documents. The research also showed that 83% of knowledge workers in the US and UK lose time every day due to versioning issues. Nearly half of them have sent the wrong version of a document to a client, colleague, or supervisor and, 57% are often confused about whether or not they are working on the latest version.

A document management system should be equipped to document, structure, and version the files and documents and make them available for the user on time to increase his/her efficiency.

A modern document management system that is capable of structuring and versioning the files with the minimum human intervention will reduce the margin of errors and provide and increase the efficiency of the knowledge workers by 35%.

Project Background:

The exponential increase in the documents and the decrease in the efficiency of the knowledge workers when working with an older document management system made our clients look for better and alternative options. They needed a smart-documentation method where it allows automatic recognition of invoices, proposals, project details, and places in different modules as it is. They also need an extensive log to check out which actions took place with a document and all the edited versions if there is any need for future research.


  • They were using a third-party application to address the problem statement and wanted to create a solution for their own from scratch.
  • Data migration from the third-party system to the new system without losing any information.
  • Implementing accessibility levels for the migrated documents
  • Tight project timeline and schedule.


Development language: Java spring

Database Server: MySQL

File Storage: AWS S3 Hibernate

Content Delivery: AWS CloudFront


Innovature proposed a decentralized blockchain-enabled platform to keep the documents secure and structured with limited access to manipulate or delete the same. All actions performed are stored, and it is possible to set a storage period and final destination. We also created an easy search function that allows the user to access a file with ease and make backups.

The document management system also supports functionalities such as notes on the document and maps information such as a delivery note, shipping note, and e-mail.


  • Reports Complete up-to-date information
  • Easy Accessibility.
  • Easily set up workflows and approval processes
  • Integration and connectivity

Return on Investment:

Increased the efficiency of the knowledge workers by 30% with the help of an automated and easy-to-use document management system.