Web Exam Application

Our experience developing a web exam platform for a major education development trust based out of Japan.

Customer Profile:

Our client is a Japan-based education development trust providing outstanding sustainable education solutions. In partnership with schools and governments as well as public and private partners, they transform the lives of millions of learners worldwide. They deliver education services and consulting worldwide and manage a portfolio of free schools, academies, and independent schools.

Problem Statement:

Traditionally instructors spend a lot of their time preparing the exam, evaluating the answers, and transferring the scores of the exams to an information system or at least to any kind of computer environment. This is a time-consuming process and is prone to human error.

A web-based examination system helps to increase the reliability of the process, saves time, and minimizes the workforce.

Project Background:

Our client required a web exam application to conduct exams and also provide exercise books to the students. The client had a list of requirements for the admin panel. They wanted us to design a platform that provides comprehensive study material to the students, to automate online exams, built-in functionality for result analysis, and consequent grading.

The primary objectives of the project were:

  • System design offering online study materials to the students
  • Integrated Examination and grading system
  • In-build Result Analysis module


  • Adding math type plugin
  • Not suited for Collaborative Evaluations or Group Projects
  • Infrastructural Barriers


Development language: Java

Database Server: MySQL

File Storage: AWS S3 Hibernate

Content Delivery: AWS CloudFront


Innovature delivered a web exam platform which simplifies the whole process.

The Platform has admin and student login.

Admin login- Here we can add exercise books for students to practice, conduct exams by entering questions where we can split questions according to levels from easy to difficult, can include the single answer, multiple-choice, single answer image, multiple answer image, text input, image type, and the description only. Also, while conducting the exam, we can either suggest a period (long time frame within which they can attend) or a fixed time to attend the exam. The platform also allows the admin to set the exam for either public or limited edition. Admin can also add different users such as exam planners, supporters where they only have access to some features in the admin side.

Student login- Students will have access to exercise books and exams. Only the students approved by the admin could attend the exams.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Technologically Forward
  • Increased Security and Privacy
  • Easy to use

Return on Investment:

The web exam application platform brought in about 55% increase in the reliability of exam process.

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