Smart Advertisement Management & Distribution Platform


Smart Advertisement Management & Distribution Platform


Sajin M.K

Consulting Services – Web

The client, who is a leading marketing automation platform, required a smart advertisement management and distribution system with reporting capability. The smart feature planned was a ‘face tracking feature’, where advertisement plays only if a person’s face appears in front of the device camera, and relevant ad is served based on user profile.
The key requirement was development and optimization of the face-tracking. Advertisement content play log is generated by the device every second, leading to huge data volumes to be processed quickly. Also the existing tracking devices had issues like frequent internet connectivity problems.
The new Smart Platform required incorporation of the Face-tracking or Eye-tracking feature, to deliver the ad relevant to the audience. This was an advanced feature in the market, which we had to explore and quickly introduce in the platform.
We visualised and developed the system as two parts. A web application to upload, schedule advertisement content and to show analytic reports; and an iOS/Android application to display content on iPad, Android Tab/TV.
The primary business benefit is in the nature of advertisements, with the ad relevance enhanced on the audience interests, leading to higher engagement levels. The platform is found to be stable with quick data processing capabilities.

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