Super app – the future of apps?

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Many businesses will hear about the term super app and wonder what it is. A super app is not just a marketing buzzword. It is a term that is fast becoming popular among businesses. A super app is an app that combines different services and functionality into one interface. This article will look at the term super app, how you can develop a super app and why a super app can be a good idea.

Super apps are popular because consumers, particularly those born in the smartphone era, want mobile-first experiences that are both powerful and simple to use. According to Gartner, by 2027, more than 50% of the world’s population will be daily active users of numerous super apps. The idea of the super app will be extended to workplace mobile and desktop applications such as workflow, collaboration, and messaging platforms.

What are super apps used for

Super apps are often created to integrate services, features, and functions of multiple mobile apps into a single app — such as financial services. These super apps can assist in achieving economies of scale as well as leveraging the network effect of a larger user base and several mini-app teams. Most importantly, they can enhance the user experience by allowing them to launch their toolboxes of mini-apps and services.

Perks for Entrepreneurs and Users

  1. Improving scalability

The solution’s features can be simply adjusted to meet the needs of the venture. They can also handle any number of users who sign up for it, and the application operates efficiently while executing any function.

  1. Online presence

As most individuals use social media apps practically constantly, businesses are allowed to post about their deals and discounts on these apps. As a result, it helps in establishing a strong online presence among users.

  1. Less device storage space needed

Previously, users had to install multiple applications for specific purposes, which used up a lot of space on their smartphones, but now they only had to download a single app that consumes a lot less space.

  1. The ease of accessing multiple services

       People gain access to numerous market sectors and usually only need to log into one platform, which becomes a sweet spot for them because the headaches of repeating passwords iteratively on many websites are eliminated.

The potential obstacles

  • Creating the business ecosystem can be more challenging than implementing technology
  • As most users interact with applications in different ways, designing a super app for the audience and maintaining consistency in the mini apps uploaded to the super app may affect adoption and retention.

Be the Super-Hero with Innovature

It must be challenging to compete against the likes of Alipay, Careem, PhonePe, and Rappi. However, it won’t be long before significant firms establish a similarly dominant position in other emerging markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. There is still time and opportunity to take the lead in regions where no market-leading super app is yet to emerge. A brief look around the market reveals that there are only a few tech firms that help in accomplishing precisely that.

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