Python Django – Benefits

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Undoubtedly it’s the python era that is waiting for the IT world to embrace. Python is an open-source language by an independent nonprofit foundation – The Python Software Foundation. It is a dynamic high level programming language with extensive standard libraries which enable us to work on literally anything. Python saves our time and effort tremendously with its ready to use solutions on any area of programming like complex scientific calculations, image processing, OS interfaces or developing protocols. Unlike other programming languages python is highly functional with code written in other programming languages which helps us to take the best of both languages. Python has simple syntax and has high readability which leads to an effective way of coding and makes it an easy to learn language. The use cases of python are quite diverse and it touches on all the leading technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things along with web development, game development and scripting.

Narrowing down to the web development world of python it is always the Django framework that comes as an easy choice for developers. In fact it is one of the top and most popular web development tools. Django is a simple, fast and flexible framework that uses the principles of rapid application development and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) philosophy.

Which helps developers to hit right at what they really need to be done. Meaning rather than starting whole from scratch developers can reuse the built-in code and functionalities for almost all basic features of a web application. The core architecture of django is MVC where templates serve as views and views serve as controllers. Also security is at high priority for Django as it mitigates common security issues like clickjacking, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and request forgery.

Apart from the above mentioned characteristics there are many other reasons why we get onto django over others. Django is providing its own server and admin panel with a dynamic CRUD interface that facilitates viewing, changing and searching for information. The Object Relational Mapper with other features like HTTP libraries and middleware support makes Django the best choice for web application development.