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Identify Bots

Introduction Internet bots, web bots, or ...
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Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing- How it works?

Introduction The cloud computing ecosystem is ...
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jQuery plugin

jQuery Plugin – How to’s

IntroductionA plug-in is a software component ...
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Recent high-profile data breaches have made ...
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AI chatbot

AI Chatbot

Introduction A chatbot is a computer ...
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Angular Copy

AngularJS copy

As we all know, Angular is ...
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Kotlin Extension

Android Kotlin

Introduction Kotlin is a general-purpose, open-source, ...
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Cloud_Computing with Azure

Cloud Computing with Azure

Introduction Cloud computing is a technology ...
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url redirect

What is a URL Redirection?

Have you ever wondered how a ...
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Security testing

Security threats and solutions

This blog gives a borderline overview ...
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