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Security testing

Security threats and solutions

This blog gives a borderline overview ...
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Block chain wallet card

What is a Blockchain Wallet Card?

What is it? A Blockchain wallet ...
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Web hosting

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services

Are you using the best web ...
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HTML Frontend

Who are Front-end developers? Front-end web ...
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Cython in Python

Cython Python

is an optimizing static compiler for ...
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java 15

Java 15 features

The feature list is taken from ...
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What is Google Cloud Anthos?

What is Google’s Cloud Platform?

Anthos lets you build, deploy, and ...
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QA Trends 2020 – What to look out for

Quality Assurance Software in 2020

Technology is constantly evolving. Nowadays, we ...
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Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

If one looks at the history ...
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10 Ways Azure is Better Than AWS

Cloud Computing with AWS and Azure

Cloud Computing applications and platforms are ...
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Machine Learning for improved fraud detection

ML Applications – Fraud detection

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning ...
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JAMstack for your Web Apps


JAMstack is a modern web development ...
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