Innovature Receives ISO Certification - ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

ISO certification

Innovature, the global information technology services company, is awarded ‘Certification on ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the international standard on data privacy by Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC). This certification is usually granted to organizations whose business processes conform to stringent international standards. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 recommends a management system with the intention of bringing information security and information security systems under management control.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the information security management system, and includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization.

What Does this Mean to our Clients?

  • Constant commitment to meeting the highest standards of information security : Given the rise in data breaches and the risks involved in cyber security, we are committed to safeguarding and protecting your valuable information.
  •  Enhanced information security processes and strategy : Our expert auditors will help us prepare authentic reports and documents that will enhance our information security strategy, and allow to serve as your trusted guide for years to come.
  •  Implementation of best practices : The ISO standard clearly outlines implementation of best practices, including up-to-date IT systems, anti-virus protection, data storage and back-ups, IT change management and event logging. ISO 27001 certification allows us to demonstrate to our clients that we have assessed the risks, considered business continuity, and breach reporting in case of security violations.
  • Compliance with commercial, contractual and legal requirements : ISO/IEC 27001 specifically caters to issues related to compliance, with contractual and legal requirements. Hence, the standards safeguard the organization from legal, statutory, and contractual frauds, and thereby secure client information.
  • Continuous monitoring and prevention of risk : At Innovature, we understand that information security is not a one-time activity, and requires constant monitoring through robust policies for information protection. This is where our ISO certification will come in useful and strengthen our policies and processes.
  • Long-term win-win relationship : The ISO certification ensures that our business is future-ready and safe in the midst of rising information security threats. And a rapidly growing business translates into a winning partnership for you. Hence, in the long term, all of us will emerge as winners who have successfully fulfilled our goals.

How Do We Fulfil the Requirements of ISO Certification?
The answer is fairly simple and straightforward. Our robust internal audits allow us to regularly detect inefficiencies in processes, spot best practices that can be duplicated, identify potential improvements, and ensure compliance with ISO standards. At the same time, external audits by a global certification body provide an unbiased and objective overview of processes and practices.

Innovature’s Robust Information Security & Technology Processes
Our information security management program (ISMP) describes the basic framework for safeguarding trust and security. Through this program, we ensure that risks are constantly assessed and mitigated to enhance the technological environment’s security, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Furthermore, it gives Innovature an edge over its competitors.

Information Security Benchmarks
Our ISMP is regularly monitored and enhanced on the basis of a set of data-driven algorithms and benchmarks every quarter of the year. These benchmarks are based on the 114 controls of ISO 27001:2013 and internal audit recommendations, calculated on the basis of their efficacy.

Secure Operations
Innovature’s secure operations policies and processes provide a detailed framework, to set up a robust capacity planning and backup management process that covers logging, evaluation, and handling of technical glitches. Our policies also have clear definitions for the physical testing environment and control exerted on operational software.

Physical & Testing Environment Security
As Innovature has always been a leader in adopting advanced technology, we have migrated our software solution hosting on AWS/Azure Cloud. By doing so, we have been able to consistently provide world-class security, enhanced visibility and zero downtime. Furthermore, we have stringent regulations in place for securing our platform from unauthorized access.

A Robust and Comprehensive ISMS
At Innovature, we have been successful in fulfilling the standard’s criteria by maintaining an exhaustive and fool-proof ISMS that strongly define our information assets and outline the following.

  •  Risks faced by our information assets
  • Preventive measures that have been established
  • Specific guidelines to follow in case of threats
  • 100% accountability of people involved in the information security process