Annual Kick Off Meet 2024 Unveils Ambitious Vision and Celebrates Achievements

On January 3rd, 2024, the much-anticipated Annual Kick-Off Meet 2024 of Innovature was held at Monsoon Empress Hotel, Kochi. The event brought the Innovature family together to celebrate achievements, establish plans for the future year, and acknowledge outstanding efforts.

The proceedings kicked off with a warm welcome speech by Tiby Kuruvila, Co-founder of Innovature, setting the tone for the day. Addressing the gathered attendees, Tiby highlighted the accomplishments of the past year and expressed gratitude for the collective efforts that had brought the organization to new heights

Following the welcome speech, Gijo MS, the global CEO of Innovature, unveiled the Vision 2024. This strategic roadmap outlined the ambitious goals and milestones the company aims to achieve in the upcoming year, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to excellence.

An integral part of the event was the recognition of work anniversaries and the presentation of annual awards. Employees who had contributed significantly to the company’s success were acknowledged for their dedication and hard work.

The LEAD Program Awards at the Annual Kick Off Meet were all about shining a spotlight on the future leaders at Innovature. This program is our way of finding and nurturing the stellar individuals who will steer Innovature into future.

Recognizing the significance of AI in the current business landscape, a workshop by Luke Varghese was conducted to equip employees with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in an AI-centric world.

The Annual Kick Off Meet 2024 not only celebrated past achievements but also set the stage for a year of growth, collaboration, and innovation. The Monsoon Empress Hotel in Kochi witnessed a day filled with excitement and positivity, leaving attendees motivated and energized for the opportunities that lie ahead

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