A tale of an AI enabled chatbot that elevates customer experience






AI and Machine Learning



In a Nutshell.

  • The FAQ Chatbot leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and BERT models, showcasing a state-of-the- art solution for natural language processing
  • Meticulously trained on a curated dataset, ensuring highly accurate and contextually relevant responses to a diverse array of FAQs
  • Overall customer satisfaction increased by 63%, thanks to quicker response times and personalized interactions


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Client Overview

Our client is a leading fintech company based in Japan, sought to revolutionize customer interactions through the integration of an AI chatbot into their financial services. Recognizing the evolving demands of their tech-savvy customer base, our client aims to enhance user experience, streamline customer inquiries, and ultimately foster a more efficient and personalized engagement.

Problem Statement

The existing customer support infrastructure is experiencing bottlenecks, leading to extended waiting times and potential delays in resolving financial queries. Additionally, the growing demand for personalized services in the digital era necessitates a more advanced and efficient solution. To overcome these obstacles, there is a critical need to implement an AI enabled chatbot that can streamline customer interactions, reduce response times, and enhance the overall customer journey.

Our Solution

Our FAQ chatbot application is a cutting-edge solution leveraging OpenAI’s and BERT model. It has been meticulously trained on a curated dataset of frequently asked questions and answers, enabling it to provide users with highly accurate and contextually relevant responses.

When a user submits a query, the chatbot processes the input, grasps the context, and retrieves the most suitable response from its knowledge base. What sets our chatbot apart is its proficiency in delivering context-aware answers, recognizing that the same question may necessitate different responses based on the context.

Users can engage in natural language conversations, receiving human-like and dependable answers. Moreover, the application’s architecture is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for diverse domains and industries. Overall, our Chatbot application excels in accuracy and reliability, enhancing
user experiences across various information-seeking scenarios, from customer support to knowledge retrieval.

Client Benefits

1.Reduced Human Errors: Automation reduced the risk of human errors in customer interactions, improving the quality of service.
2. Multilingual Support: Chatbot provided multilingual support (English and Japanese) without the need for hiring and training multilingual customer support agents.
3.Quick Response to FAQs: Excels at addressing frequently asked questions, reducing the workload on human agents and enabling them to handle more complex issues.
4.Enhanced Customer Support: 24/7 customer support, addressing inquiries promptly. This led to a 63% increase in customer satisfaction
5. Multiple Implementation: Effortlessly collects customer information which could later be used for re-marketing purposes.


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Wahbe Rezek

Advisor-AI & Deep Tech

Wahbe, based in Amsterdam, has a solid background in project and IT change management, notably at the City of Amsterdam and ING. In 2019, he transitioned to become a Program Manager at ING’s Financial Markets division, specializing in AI. Since late 2022, Wahbe has founded Future Focus, offering AI advisory and implementation services, and assisting clients in maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence. Additionally, he serves as an Advisor-AI & Deep Tech at Innovature, where he provides strategic insights and guidance on cutting-edge AI technologies.


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Partner, Technology

Jesper is an IT enthusiast committed to driving positive change through technology. He leads with three core principles: fostering genuine partnerships with clients, integrating sustainability into operations, and prioritizing the empowerment and well-being of team members. Jesper’s dedication to these values ensures that he delivers impactful results.

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Cheif Advisor

Tiby is a respected technology expert recognized for his contributions in project management and technology development. His dedication to technological advancement and client relationship management has established him as a valuable asset in driving business growth and maintaining customer satisfaction across various sectors.


Meghna George

HR Manager

Meghna is dedicated to shaping HR practices and fostering a culture of growth and empowerment, steering Innovature toward a brighter future. With an impressive background in Human Resources, Meghna has successfully led HR shared services and managed the HRBP portfolio for large delivery units. Her expertise encompasses strategic planning, change management, and employee development, making her a pivotal force in driving organizational excellence.

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Vice President

Unnikrishnan brings a wealth of experience in delivering impactful software projects and implementing strategic technological initiatives. His comprehensive knowledge in project management, operations, and client engagement consistently yields significant results, making him a trusted leader in the field of IT.

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CEO, Global

Gijo is based in Japan and possesses two decades of experience in modern web technology, big data analysis, cloud computing, and data mining. He plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s global reputation, particularly within the Japanese IT industry, and brings extensive experience in sales, delivery management, partner management, operations, and technology consulting.


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CEO, India & Americas

Ravindranath is a seasoned executive renowned for his global proficiency in IT strategy, infrastructure, and software services delivery. With a focus on innovation, he translates clients’ business concepts into actionable solutions across diverse industries such as banking, retail, education, and telecommunications.