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In a Nutshell.

  • Developed a comprehensive POS data analysis system for a market research company, resulting in improved customer retention and identifying new market opportunities.
  • Automated data upload feature streamlined processes and custom analyses provided valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  • Data-driven strategies led to positive outcomes and business growth.

To Know More About Us

Client Overview

Our customer, a leading market research company in Japan, has established a reputation for providing valuable insights and data-driven solutions to businesses in various industries. With a team of experienced researchers and analysts, they have developed a deep understanding of the market trends and consumer behaviour in Japan. Our team was honoured to have the privilege of working on this project and providing a robust and innovative solution that met their unique requirements.

Problem Statement

Our client was facing challenges in managing and analyzing the vast amounts of POS data collected from various shops and areas. The current manual process of analyzing this data is time-consuming, prone to errors, and does not provide the level of detail and customization required by their clients. They need a robust and efficient system that can handle different types of analysis on POS data and generate reports based on user demand, in order to provide more valuable insights and data-driven solutions to their clients.

Our Solution

Our proposed solution for the client’s challenge of managing and analyzing POS data is a comprehensive POS data analysis system. The system enables data providers to collect and upload the data from various shops and areas to the system. It processes the data and imports it into a database for storage. The system also imports the master data, which contains all the necessary details regarding the POS data, to allow for effective analysis.

The goal of this system is to provide the client with a robust and efficient solution for managing and analyzing POS data and its ability to handle different types of analysis, along with its real-time reporting capabilities, will provide the client with valuable insights and data-driven solutions. This will help the client to provide a more comprehensive and customized service to their clients and support their ongoing success.

Client Benefits

By adopting a 360-degree view on data, the client gained a comprehensive understanding of their business landscape, customers, and market trends. This approach resulted in a 25% increase in customer retention and a 40% improvement in identifying new market opportunities.

The automated data upload feature streamlined the process, saving time and effort in data management. With the ability to create custom analyses, the client could delve deep into specific areas of interest and uncover valuable insights. These insights, being actionable, empowered the client to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes based on data-driven strategies.


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