Revolutionizing Sleep Tracking: Our Partnership With A Leading Mattress Manufacturer




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In a Nutshell.

  • Our client, a Japanese manufacturer of smart coats & beds, aimed to revolutionize mattress manufacturing by understanding sleep parameters.
  • Innovature proposed an AI-integrated app that monitors sleep patterns, captures feedback, and provides actionable insights.
  • This led to a 47% increase in customer base, valuable sleep insights, and successful project delivery.

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Our Client is a leading manufacturer in Japan producing smart coats & beds with simplicity, elegance, and the Zen aspect of harmony with nature, all essential components found in many of the Japanese platform beds. They are passionate about every piece of furniture they build, from the finest detail to the largest idea.
Parameters such as posture support, motion isolation, airflow, & super elasticity significantly influence the sleeping comfort of an individual and thus contribute to the overall health of the individual using a sleeping mattress. A better understanding of how these parameters affect sleeping patterns will revolutionize the existing mattress manufacturing technology. This can be achieved by taking direct customer feedback and analysis of the sleeping patterns of the customers.


Innovature proposed an application that can monitor the sleep patterns of the user and generate sleep log reports through an alarm clock Integrated with Artificial Intelligence and feedback capturing system. The system enabled our clients to identify, categorize, prioritize and address their customer needs and pain points. The AI subsystem provided actionable insights on the customer preference and equipped them to innovative and design and customer-friendly mattresses. How the system works:

  • User Installs the applications and sets sleep goals and alarm
  • The system monitors the sleeping pattern
  • Application takes user feedbacks every day and gives actionable insights on how to improve the sleep
  • Provides the admin with actionable insights after consolidating the customer feedbacks, sleep patterns, and sleeping goals.

The client experiences a significant benefit through a substantial 47% increase in their customer base, leading to expanded market reach and potential revenue growth. The availability of detailed reports on sleep stages, including their duration and frequency, empowers the client with valuable insights into sleep patterns. This enables them to develop personalized solutions and cater to specific sleep needs of their customers.

Additionally, the report on waking episodes, including their duration and frequency, provides crucial information for identifying and addressing potential sleep disturbances. We ensured to deliver the project on time. These benefits collectively contribute to the client’s growth, customer satisfaction, and successful project outcomes.

Tech Stack

aws cloudfront
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