Unleashing A Marine Adventure: Creating A Reservation Site For Key Industry Player









In a Nutshell.

  • Our team developed a comprehensive marine experience portal for the client, enabling users to search, browse, and reserve/purchase marine activities.
  • The solution included features such as user reviews and ratings to provide insight into the quality and safety, as well as weather forecast and sea state information.
  • Additionally, interactive maps and guides were implemented to assist users in planning and navigating their marine adventures.

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Our client is a trusted name in the worldwide marine industry. They have a strong heritage as an established and influential presence in the world’s leading boating markets. The Marine Experience Portal (MEP) was developed by our team to provide a user-friendly way for people to discover, reserve, and book activities in the marine leisure activities.
Marine leisure activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat tours are increasingly popular, but finding reliable and detailed information on these activities can be difficult. Many tour operators have limited online presence, and it is often difficult to compare and book activities from different providers. The problem that we are trying to solve is to create a centralized, user-friendly platform that makes it easy for people to discover, compare, and book marine leisure activities. This platform will provide detailed information on various activities, allow for easy online booking and reservation, and offer interactive maps and guides to help users plan and navigate their marine adventure.


The Marine Experience Portal we developed targets three user types and grants them exclusive access to specific services and features.

  • Normal users
  • Marine business users (The business who provide the activity services)
  • Administrators and Operators

Normal users can search, browse, reserve/purchase marine activities through the system, and also can post reviews and ratings for the purchased activies.Marine business users can register and sell marine activities through the system (activity details, price, reservation frame), also can register boats (rentable dates/price/boat information) and manage reservations and sales. The operation administrators can view/ edit / delete / add contents of normal users and marine business users and also can manage payments and sales.


In the first version, we successfully incorporated an outstanding 90% of major features from the competitor’s service, surpassing expectations and providing a comprehensive solution from the start. By migrating 99% of offline activities to online platforms, we revolutionized their operations, improving efficiency and accessibility.

The business registration process was simplified, reducing complexity and saving time for both the client and their customers. Most importantly, we ensured on-time delivery, meeting deadlines, and enabling the client to launch their solution as planned. In summary, our services delivered feature-rich solutions, streamlined operations, simplified processes, and punctual delivery, leading to a highly successful outcome for our client.

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