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Solutions that ensure secure distribution of content, leverage audience insights, gain insights from analytical tools, and use block chain technology for digital content and digital payments.

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Churn Analytics for Customer Retention

  • Customer analytics that integrates demographics, social media, billing, network performance customer preferences
  • Smart reports that deliver actionable insights and facilitate content and marketing decisions
  • Customer retention by delivering customized value

Real-time Audience Insights

  • Data analytics related to view time, number of clicks, view count, view percentage, time spent on the platform and other relevant metrics
  • Capture audience demographics, interests and preferences, relate it to already available secondary data and prompt decision making
  • More reliable decision making and greater bang for the buck

Social Media Analytics

  • Track, capture and analyze social media activity of audiences
  • Monitor consumption of content across even unidentified social media platforms like OTT
  • Suggest more appropriate marketing campaigns and aid decision making

Fast & Secure Content Distribution

  • Low-code cloud-based platform to access information from any device in real time
  • Enable collaboration across the entire value chain and provide solutions that facilitate seamless delivery
  • Accelerate relevant content creation and distribution

Blockchain To Reduce IP Infringement

  • Tracks the lifecycle of all digital assets to protect IP rights and prevent piracy
  • Digitize metadata of content and store IP rights on a time-stamped, block chain-enabled ledger
  • Ensure authentic digital collectibles across all content formats

Blockchain Enabled Micro-payments

  • Develop smart payment system with embedded crypto coin module
  • Payment system integrated with all digital platforms that pays bills when it is due
  • Real-time payment tracking and management to ensure transparency for subscription model

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