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Churn Analytics for customer retention

Churn analytics helps to prevent customer churn and to avoid added marketing expenses to acquire new customers. We provide actionable insights into your customer profiles with a 360- degree view approach to improve customer retention by combining data with information like demographics, social media remarks, network performance, billing, and customer service.


Real time Audience Insight for decision makers

Wireless distribution alternatives made it more difficult for media businesses to understand the demographics and interests of their audiences. This information is very critical to any organization with a goal of exponential growth. Our expertise provides consolidated insight into your audience's behaviors and assists you in making more reliable decisions in your business activities.


Social Media Analytics

Media brands lose valuable visibility into their customer-insight when audiences consume content over unidentified channels like OTT distribution. These insights can assist in various decision-making activities, including creating new marketing campaigns. We help you connect to social media channels and other social media data sources and provide a comprehensive analysis of the social media activity related to your business interest.


Fast and Secure Content Distribution

We help you curate a low code cloud-based platform to access information from any device in real-time and accelerate content creation and delivery to match with your organizational goals. Our experts enable better and robust collaboration across the entire value chain, including solutions to track work progress as it passes through departments and vendors.


Blockchain to reduce IP infringement

Blockchain is a list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. With the aim of authentic digital collectibles, blockchain technology can track the lifecycle of all assets, and thereby reduce piracy of intellectual property and digital content. Our experts help you digitize the metadata of your digital content and store IP rights on a time-stamped, blockchain-enabled ledger.


Blockchain enable micropayments

Our experts will equip you with a smart payment system containing an embedded crypto coin payment module. With this payment module integrated into your digital platform, the smart payment system can automatically pay the bill when needed. A tracking and managing module in the system enables real-time, flexible, and full transparency to execute automatic micropayments for the subscription model.

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