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Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible hyper-scale cloud computing platform that enables organizations to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications at scale. Azure’s numerous offerings are continually growing and changing, contributing to its complexity.
With Azure DevOps Services, teams can manage source code using version control systems, automate build and release processes, track and manage work items and tasks, perform continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and gain insights through robust analytics and reporting capabilities. This integrated approach streamlines development processes, enhances team productivity, and promotes a culture of agility and innovation.

Our Experience with Azure

  • Azure Consulting Solutions

    Our Cloud Advisory services aim at establishing a solid foundation for your cloud initiatives, in terms of defining the problems and challenges for cloud migration.

  • Enabled Application Development

    Enhance your .Net application by developing cloud-based applications and cloud computing services for enhanced efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Cloud Native Services

    Our developers offer SaaS, IaaS, PaaS application development solutions, that suit your business functionalities with subscription, roles & access compatibility.

  • Migration to Cloud

    Move your data from a single platform to Windows Azure cloud-based server, to leverage cloud application infrastructure, cloud infrastructure services, and to migrate legacy applications.

  • Integrated Services

    We extend data beyond firewalls to partners, customers and remote employees, facilitating supply chain, logistics, B2B data and media collaboration.

  • Maintenance Services

    Get access to our expert team for maintenance and constant support for your cloud application and Azure monitoring services.

Who is using Azure?


Flexible Engagement Model

IOT development consulting
  • We customize our engagement model to meet your business needs.
  • Our developers can work for you remotely, report to your IT project managers, even do daily stand-ups – all following an Agile methodology.
  • For seamless integration, we can use your standard communication tools, your repositories and your defect tracking software.
  • You can decide the number of hours you need, if a fixed monthly commitment doesn’t suit you.
  • Enjoy a free 2-week trial at No-Cost and No-Obligation. We invite you to try us with a small project.
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