Solutions that leverage sentiment analysis to power real-time product recommendations, make inventory forecasts and conduct pre-emptive fraud detection

Business Verticals

Innovature Impact


Product Recommendation

  • Collect and analyze shopping behaviour of customers and relate it to sales history
  • Provide insights on customer interests and her earlier buying patterns using ML to prompt product suggestions
  • Develop advanced product recommendation algorithm

Fraud Detection

  • Use AI/ML for fraud detection related to use of stolen credit cards or retraction of payments post delivery
  • Customer profiling to prevent future misuse of the system
  • Develop robust AI/ML driven solutions to ensure fraud-free transactions

Visual Search

  • Construct and deploy visual search engines that allow customers to search products through images clicked by them
  • Leverage the visual search operations and integrate into the e-commerce platform
  • Seamless integration with existing text-based search operations

Sentiment Analysis

  • Use public perception of the platform and products to re-engineer processes of product recommendation
  • Analyse sentiments of online customers through their social media activity to make relevant product suggestions
  • Categorizes emotions on the basis of organizational data and leverage such categories for making product recommendations
Product category

Product Categorization

  • Deploy AI/ML for product categorization across categories to throw up relevant searches
  • Automatic sorting of products across categories for better inventory control
  • Improve customer navigation by incorporating AI/ML based recommendations

Inventory Forecast

  • Use predictive analytics for demand forecasting, procurement, production and distribution
  • Recommend optimal inventory and efficient ordering quantity
  • Prevent stock-outs and free up cash for other products/businesses

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