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Product Recommendation

Identifying and understanding the customer mindset is very important. We have helped our clients to collect and analyze shopping behaviors from all customers and the store's sales history. Our experts can provide insights on customer's interests and buying patterns using machine learning and suggest the right products to the right customers with our advanced recommendation algorithms.


Fraud Detection

E-commerce platforms frequently have to deal with customers that use stolen credit cards or customers that retract payments via their credit card company once the product has been delivered. Fraud detection is a widespread concern many of our customers has raised to us. Our expertise in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence has equipped us to help our customers overcome these difficulties.


Visual search

With the advanced use of intelligent technology in various platforms, visual search is changing the search landscape as we know it. Instead of entering a text query, our experts have devised visual search engines that can be integrated into an existing e-commerce platform and allow users to identify and locate items via photos snapped with their smartphone cameras.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the analysis and categorization of emotions within organizational data. Online customers nowadays give more importance to the overall sentiment of an e-commerce website. Our sentiment analysis solution has helped our clients to evaluate the public perception of their platform and products based on sources like social media and guide them to tweak their processes and operations to generate a better ROI.


Product Categorization

Product categorization is one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce companies. With the advancement of AI technology, we have been applying machine learning to product categorization problems. Our experts at Innovature have developed solutions that can automatically sort products into categories to speed up inventory management and improve customer navigation by leveraging machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Inventory Forecast

Inventory forecasting is the key to cost-effective operations and increased customer satisfaction. The practice also reduces lost sales due to stockouts while freeing up cash for use in other areas of the business. With the help of predictive analytics, our experts are capable of forecasting market demands and helping our clients streamline their procurement, production, and distribution to an optimum level.

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