Financial Services

Solutions that leverage Blockchain and RPA to power mobile money platforms, online trading and other services

Business Verticals

Innovature Impact


Online Trading Applications

  • Online platforms that anticipate market potential and recommend trading strategies
  • Analytics powered investment suggestions
  • Make online trading hassle free and productive

Mobile Money Platforms

  • Integrate mobile money with other financial services platform
  • Allow secure receiving, storage and spending of mobile money
  • Present mobile money as alternative to cash and bank

Cryptocurrency Technical Advisory

  • Provide technical expertise for managing risks of volatile cryptocurrency
  • Recommend strategies to manage risks in commercial and regulatory environment
  • Leverage blockchain technology and work with financial institutions to promote cryptocurrency as money of the future

Customer Insights & Segmentation

  • Construct ideal customer profile using analytics
  • Integrate demographic and behavioural analytics with customer profile for predictive power
  • Enable timely and effective decision making on customer targeting

Blockchain Enabled Distributed Ledgers

  • Set up, manage and transform, IT systems of financial companies to improve customer service and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Capitalize on the blockchain-enabled distributed ledger technology to prevent data loss and data theft
  • Digital transformation of financial institutions through blockchain technology

Process Automation Using RPA

  • Configure a robot to carry out voluminous business processes with greater accuracy at lower costs
  • Enable financial institutions to ride fintech wave and manage disruptions
  • Optimize operations and improve efficiencies by implementing robotic process automation

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