Solutions that capture clinical data to support analytics-driven decision-making, across entire gamut of healthcare services

Business Verticals

Innovature Impact


HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Applications

  • Develop HIPAA compliant healthcare apps without extra costs
  • Audit and make necessary modifications to existing apps for compliance
  • Helps you build credibility and trust
  • Data protection of health information

Healthcare Analytics

  • Analytics of all relevant data like patient records, billing details, diagnostic reports, clinical data for swift and accurate decision making
  • Analytics at both micro and macro levels to streamline hospital operations and improve patient care
  • Gain deep insights into hospital management and support tactical and strategic decision making

Medical Transcription Applications

  • Transcribe everything accurately from clinical summaries to surgery notes
  • Transcribe patient notes via voice dictation
  • Design and implement custom workflow frame-works.

Data Capture Services for Clinical Data & Research

  • Collection, integration, analysis, and availability of clinical data as and when needed
  • Methodical and optimized process to ensure reliable, high-quality, and statistically sound data are obtained from clinical trials
  • Gain actionable insights for healthcare management

Custom Hospital Management Systems & Integration

  • Hospital management system improves operational efficiencies, reduces inventory, and enables better inter-departmental communication
  • Automates vital daily processes
  • Tailor-made solutions for better management of departmental operations

Process Automation with RPA

  • Automate routine and voluminous processes through rule-based algorithms
  • Reduce processing time and optimize costs
  • Streamline business operations, develop simple workflows and enable digital transformation of healthcare services

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