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HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA is a series of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) and sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Our experts are well versed in HIPAA compliance, and we develop all of our Healthcare Apps to be HIPAA compliant without any extra costs. Additionally, we can audit your existing Apps for compliance and modify accordingly.


Medical Transcription Applications and Workflow Frameworks

The number one task that can consume too much time from healthcare providers is transcribing notes. These notes can include everything from clinical summaries to surgery notes. Transcribing patient notes via voice dictation is one of our expertise. We also design and implement custom workflow frame-works to suit your needs.


Data Capture Services for Clinical Data and Research

Easy access to business-critical information enables entrepreneurs to utilize the available data in business operations and gain actionable insights. Our methodical approach and optimized process engender reliable, high-quality, and statistically sound data from clinical trials. We ensure collection, integration, analysis, and availability of data at the desired quality and cost.


Custom Hospital Management Systems and Integration

As long as each stage implementation needs to be accurate and explicit, the hospital management system provides the inevitable automation of many vital daily processes. We have hands-on experience in delivering tailor-made solutions that ensure better management of operations in various departments by improving operational efficiencies, reducing inventory, and enabling better communication.


Process Automation with RPA

Process automation is a technology-enabled way of automating complex business processes, streamlining business for simplicity, and enabling digital transformation. Healthcare businesses can improve their workflows by automating them with rule-based tasks and processes. Our understanding of the data flow helps us automate your repetitive processes, thereby reducing your processing time.


Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics focuses on offering insights into hospital management, patient records, costs, diagnoses, and more. Our experts collect and analyze data in the healthcare industry to gain insights and support decision-making. We focus on medical expenses, clinical data, patient behavior, and pharmaceuticals to provide analytics on both macro and micro levels to effectively streamline operations, improve patient care, and lower overall costs.

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