Retail Industry

Solutions that drive demand, support innovative financing, adhere to relevant policies by leveraging data-driven customer insights

Business Verticals

Innovature Impact


Integrated Transformation of Retail Operations

  • Backend and frontend integration for e-commerce
  • Unify sales, marketing and channel operations
  • Ensure customized and delightful customer experience
warehouse management

Retail Process Automation

  • Automation of all backend and frontend processes
  • Inventory control, product stacking and display, invoice processing, order processing, sales spreadsheet management, customer queries and business analytics
  • Increase ROI and decrease costs by employing Robotic Process Automation tools

Complete Digital Transformation

  • Analyze customer preferences and capture behavioral analytics
  • Offer context-aware mobile advertisements by detecting in-store customer’s location
  • Design and deliver tailored retail experience to customers

Enhanced User Experience

  • AI based stacking, way-finding and sensory recommendations
  • Encourage exploration time within stores
  • Decrease workforce requirements and improve efficiencies

Leverage Customer Insights

  • Capture customer data at every touch point
  • Conduct relevant and rigorous analysis
  • Incorporate insights into product and service development

Security & Infrastructure Transformation

  • Leverage AI and Block chain technologies
  • Transform data and network protection processes
  • Ensure efficiencies in infrastructure, security and compliance requirements

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