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Integrated Retail Transformation

The term ‘transformation’ in retail incorporates a range of business opportunities that go beyond merely focusing on a single technology or a diplomatic strategy. Our Integrated approach helps retailers to unify sales, marketing, and operations to create a seamless shopping experience for each customer, regardless of the point of contact.


Customer Insights

Our experts have integrated various analytical subsystems that provide valuable feedback in the development of new products, improvement of existing products, and market analysis. These systems statistically analyze the data received from the users to understand the products that have higher customer demand and thereby improving the marketing processes and brings a considerable increase in sales.


Fast-track shopping

Improved User Experience enhances customer experience, and inturns affect the company’s ROI. We have hands-on experience in developing solutions offering a smart shopping experience for our customers. These implementations significantly reduced the shopping cycle time, cut the workforce required in the store, and diminish the cost of doing business.


Security and Infrastructure Transformation

With the adoption of emerging technologies, like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, the risk of obsolete infrastructure and security concerns is increasing. Innovature's expert team understands these aspects and consciously steer our customers with the right decisions in terms of infrastructure, security, and compliance requirements proactively.


Retail process automation

To achieve efficient and error-free operations, we help the retail business to integrate disruptive technologies like RPA. The retail industry has a massive stack of processes like inventory management, invoice processing, customer queries, business analytics, order processing, and sales spreadsheet management, which can be automated to achieve high efficiency and reduce cost.


Digital transformation in retail

Digital transformation in-store helps retailers deliver tailored experiences to their customers through a convergence of various technologies. Our experts enable you to, analyzing customer preferences with the help of behavioral analytics, detecting customer location in-store, and providing context-aware, personalized advertisements on mobile devices.

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