Innovature Impact

Rich Communication Services (RCS) based Messaging Solution

  • Solutions that eliminate the need to download multiple applications
  • Direct access to multiple brands and services within one messaging app
  • Engage with virtual assistants simultaneously for host of services like reservations, ticketing, shopping

Digital Transformation of Telecommunications

  • Virtualization of networking operations for greater bandwidth creation
  • Facilitate on-demand consumption of content, especially video
  • Judicious use of open source technologies for rapid development of new services and productization of services

Network Inventory Management

  • Network infrastructure data capture, storage and retrieval on a real-time basis
  • Optimize network performance by efficient data management that facilitates quick decision-making
  • Maintain specified data standards of network asset data across timelines and tasks

Geo-spatial Data Analytics

  • Perform spatially-rooted data analytics for better understanding of locations or networks
  • Facilitate prompt and accurate decision making regarding geographies and networks
  • Conduct statistical analyses, operational methodologies and other information techniques

IP Transport & Optical Multi-Haul Networks

  • Implementing high-speed inter-operable network logics that improve throughput and uptime
  • Remove bottlenecks and ease network congestions
  • Protects existing investment and builds upon them

Business Support Systems

  • Develop business and operations support systems for telecom service providers
  • Customize and integrate business functions across sales, billing, HR, marketing, inventory, CRM etc
  • Systems developed on cutting-edge technology platforms as per compliance needs
  • Fluid interfaces across customers, vendors, partners and other network-facing systems

Client Projects

Our Experience developing an RCS-based Messaging solution integrated with AI.

Our Experience developing a behaviour analysis System integrated with AI and ML for user interest’s identification.

Our experience developing an AI-enabled Event Management Platform integrated with RTLS technology and capable of delivering a better user experience.

Our Clients