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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud platform, offering computing resources, database storage, networking and development tools. AWS cloud consulting service brings you the best DevOps practices for smooth development, deployment, and migration.

Our Experience with AWS

  • Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization

    The multi-cloud cost optimization process optimizes and reduces customers' cloud spending across AWS Cloud computing, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

  • Data Lakes and Analytics

    We design and build AWS-powered data lakes that can handle the scale, agility and flexibility required to combine different types of Big Data and Big Data analytics approaches, to gain deeper business insights.

  • Gaming Analytics Pipeline

    Given the dominance of the free-to-play model and in-app purchases offered in the gaming industry, games have become more of a service than a product. In-game analytics is critical to engage and monetize users.

  • Machine Learning

    We choose from pre-trained AI services for computer vision, language, recommendations, and forecasting. We leverage Amazon SageMaker to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale.

  • Real-Time Analytics with Amazon Kinesis

    Use streaming data to gain real-time insights into customer activity and immediate business trends, generated continuously from thousands of data sources.

  • Migration & Testing

    Our developers provide robust proficiency in migrations to AWS. We provide deep engineering skills on planning, designing, optimizing and managing migrations.

Who is using AWS?

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Flexible Engagement Model

IOT development consulting
  • We customize our engagement model to meet your business needs.
  • Our developers can work for you remotely, report to your IT project managers, even do daily stand-ups – all following an Agile methodology.
  • For seamless integration, we can use your standard communication tools, your repositories and your defect tracking software.
  • You can decide the number of hours you need, if a fixed monthly commitment doesn’t suit you.
  • Enjoy a free 2-week trial at No-Cost and No-Obligation. We invite you to try us with a small project.
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