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Bussing Management Systems

Buses are the most used vehicle for daily commute to schools. Security being the primary concern among parents and school management, Innovature's Bussing management solution ensures the safety of children by building a common platform for integrated monitoring and passenger information services. The solution helps keep an eye on real-time position and movement of the fleet from a single console.


Virtual class rooms

A digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room where instructors teach and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face, but via internet-enabled technology devices. Our experts have created virtual classrooms with just the right amount of off-the-shelf content and an easy-to-administer content storage system for each subject. Our solutions also helped the students to create and manage notes daily.


Translation & transcription

We offer bilingual and multilingual transcription services to meet your business’ global specifications. Our experts are skilled in transforming audio, video, and text files into accurate, translated text with flexible transcription options and support for multiple output style guides. Our team of highly skilled and expert NLP architects has implemented several multi-language translations and transcriptions for our clients.


Remote Exam Proctoring Solution

The exam consists of test creation, administration, marking, and invigilation, which is an expensive manpower-intensive process. We proctor online exams with solutions that ensure a cheat-free online experience for both students and teachers. Our experts have implemented multiple levels of authentications and anti-fraud technology to cater to the market needs.


Online Video solutions

As per the trends in the education industry, we have understood the needs of this generation for round-the-clock availability of training materials and delivered online educational platforms. Our rich experience and research methodologies help us recognize the new-age learning landscape. We develop products to aid learning and learning management - while rendering tactical information, relevant social synergies, and easier accessibility.


Process Automation with RPA

Automation is the answer for mundane tasks and to improve the efficiency and productivity of the educational institution by saving time so that highly skilled staff can work on other critical tasks. Our experts automate Course Registration, Shortlisting and Enrolment Process, Attendance management, Schedule meeting scheduling, timetable updates, equipment reservations, and updates scheduling with the help of RPA.

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