Solutions for transforming education through technology-led innovation using a multi-layered and system driven approach.

Business Verticals

Innovature Impact


Re-constructing Online Classrooms

  • Digital replica of a traditional classroom
  • Digitally enabled face to face interaction
  • Easy to retrieve content storage system categorized as per subject category
  • Ease of taking and managing notes

Remote Exam Proctoring

  • Facilitate cheat-free online examination from question paper creation to assessment
  • Leverage technology to replace manpower-intensive process of proctoring
  • Multiple-levels of authentication and deployment of anti-fraud solutions
  • Ensure meaningful assessment of learning

Online Video Solutions

  • Ensure round the clock availability of relevant learning material in video format
  • Develop video products to aid learning and to manage the learning process
  • Operationally smooth, leverage social synergies and ensure easy accessibility

Bus Management Systems - School Bus

  • Real-time tracking of school-bus movement
  • Student-passenger information services for safety
  • Information of entire fleet on a single console

RPA-driven Academic Administration

  • Automate mundane tasks like course registration, admission process, attendance, course scheduling etc
  • Facilitate optimal utilization of classrooms, electronic equipment and other physical infrastructure
  • Saves time and free manpower to perform more critical tasks

Multi-language translation and transcription

  • Bi-lingual and multi-lingual transcription services
  • Transform audio, video and text files into accurately translated text
  • Output in multiple forms and styles
  • Flexible transcription options
  • NLP practitioners ensure accurate transmission of meaning across translated texts

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