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In a Nutshell.

  • A global leader in electronics manufacturing sought a secure and innovative cycle navigation solution.
  • The application was a comprehensive solution that integrates cycle sensors, enables real-time tracking, and enhances the cycling experience.
  • Its reliability, advanced guidance, and seamless connectivity resulted in a remarkable 98% user satisfaction rate.

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The client, a prominent multinational electronics corporation, has accumulated over a century of experience in the industry. Their extensive product and service range includes consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive solutions, and industrial equipment. With a workforce of approximately 260,000 employees and revenue of $71 billion in 2021, they operate across 160 countries worldwide.
The client, renowned for its exceptional cycling equipment, acknowledged the necessity for an integrated solution upon uncovering a common challenge encountered by cyclists during their adventurous journeys on unfamiliar paths. Cyclists frequently grapple with concerns surrounding route safety and the possibility of overlooking captivating attractions.

In response to this, the client sought a cycle navigation application that seamlessly connected with diverse cycle sensors, aiming to streamline the cycling experience, alleviate worries, and instill confidence among riders. This application aspired to offer efficient and enjoyable routes while showcasing the most remarkable points of interest and picturesque landscapes. The primary requirement for the application was to incorporate data from multiple cycle sensors and ensure real-time tracking and routing capabilities, even under circumstances where network availability was limited.


Our team successfully developed and delivered a comprehensive cycle navigation application, meeting all of the client’s requirements. The application provides real-time tracking data and statistics while supporting cycle navigation devices. It incorporates an intuitive route planning algorithm that ensures accurate maps in hybrid mode. With a vast selection of over 1,000 prebuilt routes and trails, cyclists have ample options to choose from. The application also enables users to share their locations for enhanced safety during rides. Furthermore, the solution fosters a sense of community by facilitating connectivity among users in the same location.

To enhance the personalized user experience, we seamlessly integrated cycle sensors into the application, effectively utilizing their data. The hybrid mode feature ensures uninterrupted real-time tracking, even in cases of network disconnection


Our cycle navigation application proved highly advantageous for the client. Within one year, an impressive 1.5 million users registered, enjoying safer rides, even in the most remote and challenging regions. The application’s efficient route planning algorithms not only enhanced the user experience but also saved an average of 30 minutes per ride.

The application’s outstanding reliability and advanced guidance features significantly reduced concerns about getting lost or encountering hazardous routes. With real-time tracking, seamless offline map access, and seamless connectivity features, cyclists relished an immersive and convenient riding experience, resulting in a remarkable 98% user satisfaction rate and further solidifying the client’s undisputed industry leadership.

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