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The Internet of Things

An array of devices facilitates monitoring and real-time information for predictive analytics in energy and utility businesses. Enhanced by automation and AI to find new pathways to market, IoT can help curate robust solutions to solve daily problems. Our experts help you build robust networks to support growing numbers of devices and ever-increasing volumes of data while providing a secure framework for operating.


End-User Computing

End-user computing is about bringing the full digital workspace to life for an organization by looking holistically at the breadth of the end-user experience and considering all the systems required to achieve the daily workload. We offer customized workspace services that significantly improve data administration, productivity, processes, and security across all of your business verticals.


Business Continuity

Energy and utilities Industry businesses have mission-critical operations demanding high-level data protection. Our experts include disaster recovery and business continuity specialists who can help your business develop and document an effective DR plan. We facilitate you to implement a secondary data center and help your business to take advantage of cloud-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions.


Survey Management Systems

The System empowers a systematic and automated process to manage surveys for systems and process compliance, risk assessments, and legal attestations. Our experts built a reporting engine enabled with GRC principles to research and evaluation the survey findings at an industry level. We help you encourage accountability by streamlining the flow of information and documenting certifications and representations.


Meter Data Management System

A meter data management system ingests, stores, cleans, and analyzes data from smart metering systems to provide a birds-eye view and real-time analytics. Our experts use real-time data from AMI and MDMS to determine accurate and hourly load profiles for transformers to identify overloading, and then award bill credits for your customers with reduced consumption during peak hours.


Field Service Management

We provide field service management solutions to help the utility industry control and oversee their remote workers executing daily task and maintenance activities. Our experts help streamline processes such as assigning resources to jobs, tracking improvement and performance, and having records of tasks completed by integrating capabilities like Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality.

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