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Big Data & Analytics

Big data analytics help organizations to process large amounts of complex data and visualize it in a meaningful and user-readable form, and allows organizations to easily analyze business data and perform trend analysis. Analytics offers data solutions that can uncover new business patterns, discover market trends, and predict outcomes and automate business decisions by successfully incorporating cutting- edge technologies.

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ID Management System

“We built an ID Management System for a company specializing in information and communication processing. Highly confidential data is exchanged through the system, and also with external services. The data had to be securely saved, with clear guidelines on cloud management. ”

Sujith B S

Consulting Services - Mobile
Tisho A K

Application for Identity Verification

“We developed the identify verification application to make card checking easy and stringent. We visualised the system as consisting of three-parts. The mobile application reads data from the integrated circuit card using NFC. The web application lists all data from the backend server. The Web Service provides APIs to mobile applications and web portals.”

Tisho A K

Consulting Services - Mobile

Advanced Hotel Reservation System

“The Hotel Reservation System was required to provide the most modern reservation services for hotels and resorts. We expanded the centralized reservation system from the existing service, and used for hotel reservations and status checks. We developed this using Micro-Service architecture to achieve maximum efficiency and maintainability.”

Remya R Krishnan

Consulting Services - QA

Online Survey Platform

“Questant is an online survey tool that enables customers to create surveys with different type of questions, and distribute them on multiple channels. We built an enhanced version of the survey platform which is compatible with all type of devices. The platform was designed to support different types of subscription plans and packages.”

Sajin M K

Consulting Services - Web

Services Portal for Marine Business

“A leading player in the boating industry needed a new portal that will integrate all services onto an online platform. Our solution created the whole infrastructure on AWS cloud for availability and scalability, incorporation of advanced content search feature, and a UI that supported different device resolutions and web browsers.”

Vineeth P M

Consulting Services - Web

Angel Funding Application

“Angel Funding Application is a crowd-funding application that allows angel investments in start-up ventures. We introduced BURP Suite, a software for identifying security vulnerabilities. In order to separate the system into two, a clone of the existing system was created and moved to an entirely new repository.

Sujith B S

Consulting Services - Mobile
Tinku George

Smart Application for Wearable Wristband

“We got an opportunity to create smart application for a wearable device, a smart wristband that records user’s activities and sleep patterns. Our project goal was to develop a user-friendly application to enhance the user experience. The key issue was in developing the core features, which connects the application and BLE hardware. “

Tinku George

Consulting Services - Mobile

Smart Advertisement Management Platform

“The client, who is a leading marketing automation platform, required a smart advertisement management and distribution system with reporting capability. It had a smart ‘face tracking feature’, where the ad plays only if the person’s face appears in front of the device camera, and a relevant ad is served based on user profile.”

Sajin M K

Consulting Services - Web

Desktop Application for Survey Management

“We developed the survey management application, for our client who is a leading global marketing research firm. The key challenge was that this was a core system, which meant that we had to work on a live system. We successfully developed the desktop application integrating SQLite database, using C# as development language with relevant libraries.”

Vineeth P M

Consulting Services - Web

Our Areas of Expertise

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the use of advanced analytic techniques against extensive, diverse data sets that include structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, from various sources, and in different sizes from terabytes to zettabytes.

We provide customers with significant insights by

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Data Migration & Integration

Our data migration services offer the agility to absorb data of any type/scale and process the data for diverse business needs. We enable data migration from traditional sources like Weblogs (unstructured data) and Data Warehouses to Hadoop clusters by using NoSQL Databases.

Our experts have successfully

Data Management

Our data management practice helps businesses in managing the data effectively and efficiently by creating or managing accurate reports, dashboards, and alerts, with the aim of satisfying various reporting needs from MIS reporting to regulatory compliance reporting.

Our expert data scientists enable organizations to

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Data Visualization is used to crunch complex data and create a flexible business intelligence system, enhanced with visual communication and visual representation of data.

Our data visualization methodology can

Architecture Assessment & Advisory

Our enterprise data architecture details how data will be processed, stored, and utilized in a given system, therefore allowing the organization’s leaders to make better and timely business decisions.

Based on your data strategy roadmap, our experts

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